Celtic Art & Sculpture - Irish Artist Denis Lynch based in Cork Ireland
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Celtic Art & Sculpture - Irish Artist Denis Lynch based in Cork Ireland

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About Denis Lynch

Denis Lynch was born in Cork City in 1960. After secondary school he attended Crawford College of Art & Design in 1980. He graduated in 1984 with a National Degree in Fine Art (Sculpture).

After graduating, he travelled extensively around the world including :- Australia, South America, India/Nepal, Thailand, Africa, and Europe.

He joined the staff of Crawford College of Art in 1986 where he currently works as a foundation year technician.

treking in the mountains

Sking in Austria

Treking in the mountains

Treking in the mountains

Artists Statement

I often question the need to make art, the compulsion to create imagery and the attempt to articulate fleeting ideas and concepts.

It is certainly a frustrating activity requiring large amounts of time, energy and creativity - often with dubious results!

I only know that I must do it, that it would be wrong not to and I am almost certain that in this life-time I will never be able to answer why this is so.

One of the strongest influences for me is the landscape, or more specifically the landscape as animate, sentient, as being aware.

Anthropomorphism seems natural; how my ancestors saw divinity all about them, as close, palpable, terrifying and magnificent at one and not removed to a far off realm called Heaven or Paradise.

It is why I venture into the mountains, canoe on the rivers and sea, ski, cycle the back roads and trails, as a form of communion as well as simply enjoying these outdoor activities.

Making a piece of sculpture is a further manifestation of this relationship, a statement of my fascination of elemental forces.

Excerpts from Art Critique Written By Vera Ryan

Denis Trecking in Ireland

Denis Trecking in Ireland

Denis Trecking in Ireland

Denis at an Art Exhibition in Paris

Denis Lynch, Celticicon Art and Sculpture , Cork City, Ireland Tel : +353 (085) 2489860 email: Denis.Lynch@cit.ie

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